The UKRAINIAN POLYGRAPH ASSOCIATION (UPA) is the most numerous, dynamic and professional association of polygraph examiners in Ukraine.

UPA was founded in 2014. Since that time polygraph examiners from all regional centers and large cities of Ukraine joined us. We have representatives in every corner of the country. For more details about history of the UPA follow the link.

As of 2020, there are 300+ members. UPA has 25 Representative offices in all regions of Ukraine.

Who can be a member of UPA?

To become a member of the Association can be citizens of Ukraine which are 18 or over and have higher education and have special knowledge and skills for conducting research using polygraph and providing conclusions on researched issues, as well as having an impeccable reputation.

Members’ rights


• participate in the management of the Association through participation in the Congress of Polygraph examiners
• to elect and be elected to the bodies of the Association ans its Representative offfices
• participate in the work of the structural units of the Association
• participate in conferences, seminars and other events
• use the services and privileges of the Association, as well as all kinds of methodical, advisory and other assistance that the Association may provide
• to discuss any issues of the Association’s activity, to submit proposals for improvement of its activity to the Association
• receive assistance from the Association to protect their legal rights and interests

Duties of members

  • abide by the requirements of the Charter, the internal documents of the Association and comply with the decisions of the Congress of Polygraph examiners, the Board and other bodies of the Association
  • actively participate in the achievement of the goals and objectives of the Association, in every possible way to promote the Association in its activities
  • to prevent acts that discredit the Association
  • to inform the bodies of the Association about facts known to them that could adversely affect the activities of the Association
  • to carry out other duties stipulated by the current legislation of Ukraine, the Charter and internal documents of the Association

Benefits for members of UPA

We guarantee to all members of the UKRAINIAN POLYGRAPH ASSOCIATION:

Profile activities:

  • Participation in events organized by UPA
  • Participation in events organized by partners of UPA

Methodological support:

  • free access to the professional literature
  • preferential prices for the training of polygraph examiners
  • preferential prices for advanced training courses
  • free support for beginners
  • free access to the methodological materials developed by UPA experts
  • access to the materials of specialized events of UPA memners


  • free rental of polygraphs
  • preferential prices for polygraphs
  • reduced prices for polygraph repairs and maintenance services
  • preferential prices for polygraph sensors
  • free advice on choosing or replacement of polygraph


  • free advice on the polygraph software
  • preferential prices for software upgrades
  • discounted prices for new software

Expert support:

  • free rental of premises in Representative offices of UPA
  • review of the conducted researches
  • assistance in preparation of expert conclusions


  • priority information on job vacancies both in private companies and government departments
  • employment support


  • a free personal site for each UPA member. More details
  • contact information in the Unified Register of Polygraph Examiners of Ukraine
  • UPA membership confirmes professionalіsm of polygraph examiner
  • Internet and media promotion of Association and its members
  • involvement of polygraph examiners for the large-scale orders
  • mutual forwarding of orders to UPA members from other regions




The Unified Register of Polygraph Examiners of Ukraine

The REGISTER OF POLYGRAPH EXAMINERS OF UKRAINE has been officially functioning since 2015.  Currently, the Register includes 350+ polygraph examiners from all over Ukraine.

UPA members have a priority and guaranteed right of entry in the Register.

The Register is available on the following link.

реєстр поліграфологів реестр полиграфологов вап polygraph register

How to become an UPA member?

 Step 1:

Download and complete only three documents:

Step 2:

Send scans of documents to the UPA email address: or send the original documents to the UPA mail address: 01021, Kyiv, vul. Shovkovychna, 10, office 27.

And that’s it!

Do I need to pay for a UPA membership? Are there other payments?

According to the decision of the UPA management there will be no mandatory entrance and / or membership fees, the UPA activity is organized on voluntary contributions.

There will be no other payments and no payments will be made.

What else?

With us – it’s professionally!

UPA is a place that brings together the best experts, where you will always find like-minded colleagues or opponents, be able to share experiences and get the opinions of leading experts.

With us – it’s interesting!

UPA is not only an assistant in professional development, but also a developer of promising projects. We do not only state “WHAT” we need to develop, but we also know “HOW” we need to move forward.

With us – it’s profitable!

UPA systematically receives requests from both individuals and legal entities for polygraph examinations throughout Ukraine. In the future, these orders are distributed only to members of the UPA.

And at the very end, GIFTS FOR ALL UPA MEMBERS!