– these are the most common questions that we hear from a client, and to which we are ready to give an accurate and complete answer.

Проверка на измену

Over the past 10 years of work, we have managed to save more than 500 families with the help of polygraph tests and create more than 300 successful marriages based on the conclusions of the lie detector tests.

Why are we talking about this and what does “polygraph test” and “lie detector test” mean?

Jealousy and doubts are two feelings that sooner or later will manifest in spouses or beloved people. And the more a person feels love for his partner, the more he becomes susceptible to these destructive feelings.

Very often, before deciding to get marriage, partners want to get 100% confidence in the decency and cleanliness of each other.

Эксперт-полиграфолог проекта "Детектор лжи"

Polygraph expert of the “Lie Detector” project on STB channel Vladimir Vedmid

Polygraph test | lie detector test for infidelity, as well as in family matters in Kyiv, Kyiv region, Kharkiv, Odesa, Lviv, Vinnitsa, Cherkassy, ​​Poltava, Zaporizhzhia, Kryvyi Rih, Dnipro, Ivano-Frankovsk, Lutsk, Chernivtsi and other cities of Ukraine.

Проверка жены на измену при помощи полиграфа

Family issues are examined on a polygraph by an expert Vladimir Vedmid in the “Lie Detector” project at STB

We are the official polygraph examiners of the “Lie Detector” program at STB.


  1. Since 2010, we have been helping couples to renew trust or make an important decision.
  2. We approach each case individually, learn the situation and offer the best options for questions and polygraph tests.
  3. We know exactly how to find out: sex with a third person, secret correspondence, love meetings, vacation trips, resort romances, casual sex, adultery without sex.
Тест на измену жены

Irina Timofeeva passed the marital fidelity test and proved that she never cheated on her husband. The family survived, conflict and long suspicions are a thing of the past.


    Before the test, we explain to the respondent that there are three types of sex: classic, oral and anal.

    Having at least one case of these three types is equivalent to having sex with a third person.

    And the customer decides whether to consider it a betrayal or not.


    Cheating isn’t always about physical contact.

    For many peple, the fact of a secret meeting or intimate correspondence, where there is a direct hint of physical intimacy, is considered treason.

    We are convinced that it is not worth cutting off the shoulder, it is necessary to understand the situation and bring up for research only those questions that are really fundamental.

    Do not get hung up on trifles.


    Very often, cheating occurs during rest. Hot weather, alcohol and lack of risk to be detected contribute to this.

    Therefore, if you have every reason to suspect your other half after a holiday abroad (behavior change, phone control, incoherent stories) – you are welcome to the polygraph.

    Very often, suspicions turn out to be unfounded and we help regain trust. If they are confirmed, then it is up to you what to do next, but decide confidently, without a doubt.


Very often people are suspected and accused of what they did not do.

There were also cases when the yellow press spread a gossip about the sexual relations of a particular public person, which undermined the authority of the participants of this gossip.

We will help you to prove your innocence in sex with minors, rape, other sexual crimes and scandals. But, only in the case when the person is really not involved and we will not have the slightest doubt.

Тест женщины на полиграфе

Yulia Pankratova, a girl with whom deputy Ilya Kiva corresponded in the Verkhovna Rada, is taking a polygraph test. She was suspected of being a prostitute and having a sexual relationship with Kiva. As a result, the lie detector confirmed her impeccable reputation and the absence of any intimacy with the deputy.


    Often women accuse men of rape in order to obtain material benefits or ruin their reputation.

    In reality, however, it turns out that sexual intercourse was voluntary, and there was no violence or compulsion to sex.


    We have faced cases when underage girls accused their stepfathers of sexual acts in order to “remove” them from the family or to take revenge. Modern teens are sometimes unscrupulous and violent. They understand what is behind sex with a minor and skillfully manipulate it.


    There were cases when, despite all, at first glance, obvious evidence, there was no sexual intercourse (penetration). This means that the qualification of actions is already completely different.


  1. You are suspected, but the partner himself is not without sin: we have come across cases when the husband vehemently suspects his wife of infidelity, but at the same time he regularly cheats.
  2. We recommend taking a polygraph together: if you reanimate trust, then do it mutually. Get tested together in one day on similar questions and get clear and accurate answers to your suspicions.
  3. 50% discount for 2-nd test: if you take the test together, we will carry out the second test for half of the price.
Тестирование на полиграфе на измену

Basically, if there is a suspicion of cheating, then both pass the test. Discount for second person is 50%

Guaranteed, UAH
Test for the fact of treason
Test for three or more questions
Test by an expert polygraph examiner
Detailed psychoanalysis
Test for a married couple
50% for the 2-nd person

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    Volodymyr Vedmid
    полиграфолог поліграфолог вап асоціація поліграфологів ассоциация полиграфологов

    Expert polygraph examiner, lawer.

    Specializes in conducting forensic psychological examinations with the  use of a computer polygraph.

    Co-author of the draft Law of Ukraine “On Polygraph Activity”.

    Has conducted more than 5 000 polygraph tests.

    Svitlana Lasunova
    полиграфолог поліграфолог вап асоціація поліграфологів ассоциация полиграфологов

    Candidate of pedagogical sciences, docent Odessa National I.I.Mechnikov University.

    Forensic polygraph examiner of Odessa Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise

    Has conducted more than 3 000 polygraph tests.

    Aliona Trachuk
     полиграфолог поліграфолог вап асоціація поліграфологів ассоциация полиграфологов

    Forensic polygraph examiner of Lviv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise

    Has conducted more than 3 000 polygraph tests and dozens of forensic psychological examinations with the  use of a computer polygraph.

    Sergiy Melenko
    Поліграфолог Меленко Сергій Гаврилович

    Doctor of Juridical Science.

    Specializes in pre-employment screenings and investigatios at work.

    Author of more than 10 scientific works in the field of polygraphology.

    We conduct tests on best Ukranian and foreign polygraphs, which provide the highest level of accuracy.
    Полиграфы Рубикон, Axciton, Lafayette и Риф

    This photo shows polygraphs: Lafayette, Rubicon, Rif, and Axciton, which we use in our work. We are the only ones in Ukraine who conduct polygraph tests on four polygraphs, guarantying the highest level of accuracy of our conclusions.


    We do know how to conduct polygraph test legally correct.

    To prevent your polygraph test from “breaking” any lawyer on a formal basis, first find out the following questions:

    • Does polygraph examiner has document on education of the state?

      Our answer – YES

    • Can polygraph examiner provide documents proving that polygraph was purchased / legality of purchase of polygraph?

      Our answer – YES

    • Does polygraph examiner use polygraph corresponding to DSTU 8692:2016?

      Our answer – YES

    Can anyone else give the same answers? – NO!

    Проверка на детекторе лжи


    Stage №1

    A description by the customer of the situation and details, due to which there were suspicions of treason.

    Coordination with a polygraph examiner of questions that are submitted for a lie detector test.

    All questions in a polygraph study can relate exclusively to the methods of the subjects studied in the past experience participating in certain actions (whether there was sex with third person, whether I went on a date, whether I had secret correspondence, etc.).

    Feelings and intentions are not tested on a polygraph. We will not be able to answer the question “loves or not”, “will leave the family or not.”

    Stage 2

    Conducting a fidelity check using a polygraph (lie detector).

    During the inspection, a pre-test conversation, tests (the presentation of questions themselves and a recording of reactions), an inter-test conversation and a post-test conversation are carried out.

    All of these procedures take from 2 to 3 hours.

    Stage 3

    Drawing up an opinion on the results of the audit and transferring it to the customer.

    Conclusions on the results of the polygraph test will be ready within 24 hours from the end of the test for treason.

    The customer receives the conclusion in writing by e-mail, messenger or in the office.

    The conclusion will indicate who conducted the test, the education of the polygraph examiner, experience, the polygraph that was used, the research methodology, the behavior of the subject, signs of opposition (if any), as well as clear answers to the questions submitted for the study.


    • How many questions about fidelity can be taken on 1 test?

      To obtain conclusions with a high degree of reliability, it is necessary to take into account a number of requirements for drawing up a request for a polygraph examiner.

      To learn the issue of adultery, it is recommended to submit for research no more than 5 – 7 questions.

      This is due to the fact that for the disclosure of one question, the polygraph examiner makes up a whole block, and sometimes several blocks, which contain from 10 to 15 questions.

      That is, according to the test methodology, in order to study one question posed by you, the respondent can be asked from 15 to 30 questions, since a conclusion is formed only on the basis of systemic reactions. The polygraph examiner cannot form a conclusion based on two or three questions.

      It is also important to remember that it is optimal to conduct a study in a limited time frame, from 1 to 2 hours, which is associated with the physiological safety margin of the human body.

      When a person gets tired, his response to the questions becomes uninformative.

      It is important that the questions are about the same topic. It would be incorrect to ask questions to identify information about cheating and, for example, gambling addiction, during one test.

      In any case, you need to prepare, draw up the questions that interest you, and pass these questions to the polygraph examiner.

      An experienced polygraph examiner will certainly analyze your request and, based on the input information, will make the most relevant request.

    • What is the accuracy of the results?

      The reliability of the test ranges from 85 to 97%.

      The average percentage of reliability is 92-94%.

      The percentage of reliability depends on many factors, primarily on the individual physiology of a person and the significance of the research topic, as well as on the accuracy of the respondent’s compliance with the instructions of the polygraph examiner regarding the rules for passing the test.

    • How long is the cheating test and when will I get the result?

      To learn the posed questions, including the question of adultery, the respondent can be asked from 15 to 30 questions in order to reveal only one question submitted for the test.

      This is due to the fact that only on the basis of systemic reactions a conclusion is formed with a high degree of reliability. The polygraph examiner cannot form a conclusion based on two or three questions.

      Thus, in the course of the study, the respondent can be asked from 150 to 200 questions.

      It should also be remembered that the duration of the test is limited by the physiological safety margin of the human body. When a person gets tired, his response to the questions becomes uninformative.

      Thus, depend on the number of questions, as well as on the physiological state of the respondent, the test can go on from one to two hours.

      In the course of the test, the polygraph examiner records the reactions of the respondent’s body to the stimuls (questions) presented to him, which he further analyzes, evaluates, compares with each other and only then draws up a conclusion in which he gives answers to the questions.

      Analysis and drawing up of a conclusion take on average 2-3 hours.

      The polygraph examiner provides a conclusion based on the results of the study within the period from three hours to one working day after the study.

    • What is the price of a cheating test and why?

      The price for cheating test is 2500 UAH for one person, when checking a married couple, the discount for the second person is 50%.

      The cost of the check depends on the complexity and amount of work that needs to be done in preparation for the test.

      Accordingly, testing for cheating costs more than, for example, screening a candidate for a job. This is due to the fact that when checking particular questions, each case is individual. During a conversation with a customer, an expert clarifies all the circumstances, helps to correctly formulate the main questions for verification.

      At the next stage of preparation for testing, the polygraph examiner draws up tests, taking into account the wishes of the customer and the circumstances of the particular case.

      In addition, the polygraph examiner often acts as a “conciliator” during a conversation with the customer and the subject, making significant efforts to reduce the “degree of conflict” between the parties.

      It is also important to convey to the customer that the polygraph does not reveal feelings, attachments or emotions of a person, therefore, during testing, the polygraph examiner relies only on facts: specific actions committed in the past.

      It is the combination of these factors – an individual approach and painstaking preparation in each individual case that affect the cost of checking for treason.

    • Can I test yourself (to prove innocence)?

      You can order a polygraph test for yourself.

      This service is used by people who want to prove their innocence or non-involvement in some business, to “launder” their reputation.

      You see, if there is an objective and professional conclusion, this is much easier to do.

      You can also test yourself in employment, on personal initiative. In this case, you will have a clear advantage over other candidates, since screening checks during employment have already firmly established themselves in the practice of many companies.

      In the event of such a check, you are the customer, therefore, only you will receive the results of the check, with the ability to further dispose of them at your own discretion.

    • Can a person cheat a polygraph, even if he cheated?

      A polygraph is a technical device that, with the help of sensors, records the body’s reactions to the presented stimulus along 7 main channels.

      It is impossible to deceive the polygraph, since it is just a device that records human physiological reactions. The person cannot influence their reactions (try to force yourself to sweat without exertion) and cannot influence their memory (try to force yourself to intentionally forget something). Based on this, a person cannot influence the polygraph.

      This is a very sensitive device that clearly records the attempts of countermeasures on the part of the respondent. Most often, they read about ways to cheat a polygraph on the Internet, however, polygraph examiners know about these common techniques, in addition, the device also records the state of the body (nervousness, tension), makes it possible to track it throughout the study, so the expert will immediately learn about any changes in any of the 7 channels for recording reactions.

      An attempt to deceive or counteract will always be identified and brought to the attention of the research client.

      In addition, the same test question is formulated in different ways and is presented more than once, therefore, if “cheated” – systematic reactions will be revealed, indicating that the respondent is involved in the event under study.

    • Who cheats more: men or women?

      The question “Who cheats more often – men or women?” worries a lot of married couples, you always want to calculate all the risks and foresee the likelihood of betrayal.

      However, in such delicate issues it is still not worth generalizing and relying on statistics…  In  the Internet you can find a huge amount of research and “scientific” articles on this topic, however, each case is individual, each relationship is unique and one should not rely on unconfirmed partners in trusting a partner facts and examples of other people.

      Both men and women are checked for the fact of infidelity, some couples undergo joint checks. In addition, you can order a check for yourself as proof of your loyalty to your partner. In each individual case, the polygraph examiner delves into all the circumstances of the problem, listens sensitively to the customer’s request and approaches the preparation of tests with particular care.

      We believe that the best way to avoid a problem is to communicate and build trust in a partner, however, if you have any suspicions, you can turn to professionals and order a polygraph test. As a result, you will receive an objective and reliable conclusion.

    • Who will conduct the test and what is the experience of your polygraph examiners?

      The tests are conducted by experienced polygraph examiners who have the appropriate knowledge, skills and experience in conducting research.

      All polygraph examiners working in our company have official state documents on obtaining the relevant qualifications at the I.I. Mechnikov University.

      The work experience of our polygraph examiners is at least a year from the date they started to research.

    • Can I ask questions about marital fidelity during testing?

      Conducting research using a polygraph requires certain knowledge and skills.

      To ask questions of the respondent, it is not enough just to read them. Each test is individual, preparation for which the polygraph examiner chooses the order of the questions, the order of words in the questions, the intonation of the question and the volume level.

      An untrained person can only harm the research. In addition, according to the rules for conducting research, only a polygraph examiner and a respondent can be in the room where the research is conducted.

    • Can I attend testing if there is a suspicion of treason?

      According to the rules for conducting research, only a polygraph examiner and a respondent can be in the room where the research is conducted.

      The presence of strangers in the room increases the emotional state and possible psychological pressure on the respondent.

      Observing outsiders, the respondent can show physiological reactions to the behavior of an outsider, and not to the questions of a polygraph examiner, which will subsequently negatively affect the result of the test.

    • If cheated, can you find out with whom?

      Question: “Are the testimony of the respondent that he did not cheat on the customer is reliable?” – self-sufficient.

      When submitting this question for research, the polygraph examiner needs to draw up a number of neutral, control and significant questions, answering which, the respondent will show the appropriate physiological reactions of the body, which the polygraph examiner will determine and register.

      After that, an analysis of all received reactions takes place and it is possible to draw a conclusion about the reliability or unreliability of the respondent’s testimony.

      To find out with whom the researcher cheated, the customer must inform the polygraph examiner about a specific person and bring up the question: “Is the respondent’s testimony that he did not cheat on the customer with (the alleged person) reliable?”, After which the polygraph examiner must formulate systemic questions about the cheating with a prospective sexual partner.

    • Can you conduct cheating Research without free consent ?

      A polygraph test is an entirely voluntary process, as during the test, a person should sit, listen to questions asked to him and answer them with the answer options “YES”, “NO”, “DON’T KNOW.”

      With a categorical unwillingness to undergo research, a person will constantly move, level out with facts and various information, thereby not listening to questions asked to him and not giving answers to them.

      In the end, he simply may not let the sensors be put on him or, during the research, get up and leave.

      That is why we recommend you conduct a conversation with a person before passing the test and try to make the respondent want to take a polygraph in order to prove that you are not involved in the accusations against him.

    • If a person is worried too much, can the polygraph be wrong?

      With the help of a polygraph, we examine memory and fix psychophysiological reactions when presented with appropriate stimuls.

      The subject’s excitement during testing is normal for a person and this does not affect the result at all, since even a very emotional person will not have reactions indicating deception if the subject does not have traces of the requested event in his memory.

      The general background of the physiological response of an emotional person can be high, but qualitatively in his reactions there will be no informative signs indicating an attempt to hide or distort the information reported during a polygraph test.

    • Can you determine whether or not you like and other feelings on a polygraph?

      Questions aimed at identifying the evaluative attitude of the research subject, his feelings for a certain event, cannot be verified with a high degree of reliability for a person.

      Our subjective opinion, attitude, intentions are not static. We can change them in the process of our interaction with the environment, we are influenced by other people, events, the environment, as a result, we change our opinion, attitude and assessment.

    • Who are the "pathological jealous"?

      Quite often we are approached by pathological jealous people, mainly men, who have been very closely and systematically “watching” their spouse for many years.

      It does not end with reading correspondence on the phone, analyzing telephone conversations and analyzing facts.

      Pathological jealous people go further, they carry out a complex of operational-search measures: they receive a printout of telephone connections, install beacons on cars and even hire external surveillance.

      When all of the above means do not provide direct evidence, they decide to take their partner to the polygraph. The bad news is that even with the establishment of complete non-involvement in treason, it is extremely difficult to convince them.

      This requires the patience and perseverance of the polygraph examiner, which we have already developed over the years.

    • Is it possible to identify treason if it was many years ago?

      Тестирование на полиграфе – это работа с памятью человека. Значимые для человека моменты — это те ситуации в жизни, которые выделяются из нашего повседневного образа жизни и оседают в памяти человека надолго.

      Согласитесь, каждый человек, при условии отсутствия специфических заболеваний связанных с памятью, помнит всю жизнь такие события как свадьба, рождение ребенка, свою первую машину…

      Но значимыми моментами в жизни человека являются не только хорошие и радостные ситуации, но и негативные, такие как автокатастрофа, операция, совершение преступление, развод и в том числе измена.

      Polygraph testing is working with a person’s memory. Moments that are significant for a person are those situations in life that stand out from our daily lifestyle and settle in a person’s memory for a long time.

      Agree, every person, provided that there are no specific diseases associated with memory, remembers all his life such events as a wedding, the birth of a child, his first car …

      But significant moments in a person’s life are not only good and joyful situations, but also negative ones, such as a car accident, an operation, a crime, divorce, and including treason.

      После того, как человек имел половой контакт с другим человеком в тайне от второй половины, он делает определенные действия, чтобы его супруг или партнер не узнал о данном событии, например, удаляет переписки, исключает любую возможность встречи любовницы с женой, тем самым постоянно напоминая себе о событиях и фактах, происходящих во время измены.

      Таким образом информацию касательно измены можно проверить спустя много лет, такая информация прочно хранится в памяти человека, и он не сможет заставить себя забыть/не среагировать на вопросы, касающиеся измены.

      After a person has had sexual contact with another person in secret from the other half, he does certain actions so that his spouse or partner does not find out about this event, for example, deletes correspondence, excludes any possibility of meeting his mistress with his wife, thereby constantly reminding yourself about the events and facts that occur during the betrayal.

      Thus, information regarding infidelity can be verified after many years, such information is firmly stored in the memory of a person, and he will not be able to bring himself to forget / not respond to questions regarding treason.

    • What questions about cheating can be explored and which can not?

      При обсуждении темы проведения проверки, профессиональный полиграфолог должен поставить Вас в известность о том, что на исследования с применением компьютерного полиграфа, в том числе вопросов, касающихся супружеской измены, возможно выносить вопросы касательно событий, которые произошли, конкретных действий, поступков.

      Вопросы, направленные на выявление оценочного отношения субъекта исследования к определенному событию, человеку проверить с высокой степенью достоверности не представляется возможным.

      When discussing the topic of the test, a professional polygraph examiner should inform you that it is possible to raise questions regarding the events that have occurred, specific actions, actions for research using a computer polygraph, including issues related to adultery.

      Questions aimed at identifying the evaluative attitude of the research subject to a certain event cannot be verified with a high degree of reliability for a person.

      Дело в том, что наше мнение, отношение, намеренья не статичны. Мы можем их изменять в процессе нашего взаимодействия с окружающей средой, на нас влияют другие люди, события, окружающая обстановка, как следствие, мы меняем свое мнение, отношение и оценку.

      Часто к полиграфологу обращаются с вопросами, которые несут оценочный смысл: «Любит ли он меня?», «Нравится ли ему кто-то еще?», «Хотел бы он уйти от меня?», «Что во мне он бы поменял?».

      Такие вопросы профессиональный полиграфолог снимет с исследования и предоставит аргументы, почему их нельзя исследовать с высокой степенью достоверности.

      The point is that our opinion, attitude, intentions are not static. We can change them in the process of our interaction with the environment, we are influenced by other people, events, the environment, as a result, we change our opinion, attitude and assessment.

      Often the polygraph examiner is asked questions that have an evaluative meaning: “Does he love me?”, “Does he like someone else?”, “Would he like to leave me?”, “What would he change in me?” …

      A professional polygraph examiner will remove such questions from the test and provide arguments why they cannot be investigated with a high degree of reliability.


    Request a free consultaion

    Enter you phone number

      Over the past 5 years of work, we have managed to save more than 200 families with the help of polygraph tests and create more than 150 successful marriages based on the conclusions of the polygraph tests.

      Why are we talking about this and what does “polygraph test” and “lie detector test” mean?

      Jealousy and doubts are two feelings that sooner or later manifest in spouses or beloved people. And the more a person feels love for his partner, the more he becomes susceptible to these destructive feelings.
      Very often, before deciding on marriage, partners want to get 100% confidence in the decency and cleanliness of each other.

      We live at a time when, due to the constant deception around us, we stop trusting people and believing words. We want to see and hear not only words, but other persuasive evidence as well.

      The All-Ukrainian Association of Polygraph examiners invites you to check your partner and get rid of jealousy and doubts. You will receive a guaranteed result and answers to your questions, which will help you to make the right decision in life.
      A polygraph test for infidelity lasts about two hours, costs no more than three thousands hryvnia, but is able to give clear answers regarding suspicions of treason, the presence of lovers / mistresses, relationships on the side, sexually transmitted or other serious diseases.

      Research using a lie detector is absolutely legal and is carried out with the consent of the subject. The entire procedure is strictly confidential. If desired, polygraph testing can be recorded on video, which is immediately transferred to the customer and deleted from the polygraph examiner’s computer.
      If you are interested in our capabilities, call the numbers: 044 578 19 00 or 063 966 9000, we will always listen to your situation and offer the best solution.

      If you have any suspicions about the possible actions of your partner, you should correctly and promptly offer him to undergo a study, and it would be better for your partner to say – a polygraph test for infidelity.
      In the literal sense, there is no need to “force” anyone, all checks are carried out on the basis of voluntary written consent.
      First of all, you need to explain to your “half” that a polygraph test is not an accusation tool, but a tool to return and build confidence, and also give your partner answers to questions that may interest him. How, when and where does the check take place?

      The check can be carried out both in the office of the Ukrainian Association of Polygraph examiners, and in exceptional cases – in the place of residence of the customer or the person being examined.
      As a rule, the polygraph test is recommended to be carried out during the daytime from 9 am to 6 pm. During this period of time, the body is in the most adequate state for the perception of information.

      In rare cases, the testing time can be shifted by 2-3 hours, but at the same time, the specialist makes sure that the person is awake and is not very tired.
      The first stage of the check is a conversation with the initiator (customer) of the check, a description of the circumstances and grounds that became the reason for the check, as well as finding out other necessary details, as well as agreeing on issues for checking (treason, deception, etc.). The duration of this stage is from 20 to 40 minutes.
      The second stage is the preparation of individual test questionnaires by the polygraph examiner for the study. Duration – 40-60 minutes.
      The third stage is to conduct the test itself, that is, to check for treason.

      The test consists of a pre-test conversation, during which the polygraph examiner asks the person who will take the test, his vision of the situation, his position on certain issues, as well as the peculiarities of the thesaurus and perception of reality by this person.

      After the pre-test conversation, the polygraph examiner immediately begins testing by connecting the sensors before this and setting up the polygraph. Testing (checking for treason) takes place in a calm environment, the test taker sits in a chair in a comfortable position. The sensors are worn on fingers and over clothing, no need to remove clothing. During the test, the person is asked all questions in a closed form, which imply the answers: yes, no and I don’t know. The person being checked only needs to answer questions, no more, no less. Nobody will ask questions that are not related to the subject of the audit, this is guaranteed.
      The duration of the third stage is from 1 to 2 hours.